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I’m trying to make at least one post per day now that I’m working and school will be starting for me again

And I thought to make up for my absence I’d leave you some sexy men <3

FanFiction; I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Snow crunched and sloshed under Alli’s boots as she scurried quickly towards Clare’s car to escape the cold morning air. The moment the door close Clare extended a large cup of hot coffee to her friend and they both began talking at the same time only to stop and laugh slightly.
"You first." Alli said sipping her mocha swirled beverage but still looking at Clare with her big brown eyes. Clare backed carefully out of the Bhandari driveway and grinned as she began driving back towards the school. Normally Clare Edwards was the type to argue, she usually would have been polite and insisted that Alli spoke before her, but this was not a normal occurance.
"I uhm…" She began unsure of what her friend would say "I saw Eli yesterday." Instantly Alli’s eyes widened and a grin spread across Clare’s face.
"You what?!" Alli shouted at a decible far too high for eight a.m.
Blushing slightly, Clare continued “I was at the grocery store and CeeCee was there so naturally I talked to her.” Her words were begining to run together in excitement “And then he just walked up behind us and he looked like he had a heart attack when he saw me but he must be home for winter break and-” Clare was short of breath when Alli interupted.
"Relax, breathe." In unison the two inhaled through their noses and exhaled deeply "Now, tell me what he said.” Clare’s fface lit up once again.
"The usual ‘Hey, Edwards, how are you’ trying to act casual. But he looked so good." Alli laughed, she had never been one for boys like Eli but she knew attractive, and he was it. "His hair is shorter, and he’s gotten taller I think. We talked for a little bit while I shopped and he said he wants to take me out." Clare bit her lip nervously, stealing a quick glance at Alli who looked calm.
"Why do you get the amazing unrequianted love story when all I get is Sav engaged to Holly J?" She asked and Clare’s jaw dropped.
"Sav is engaged?" She asked and Alli nodded.
"They’ll both be home tonight to celebrate."
"But I thought your parents would never let you marry outside of your religion"
Alli’s eyes rolled as she mimiced her fathers accent “Holly J has moxie and a good head on her shoulders.” Clare laughed. “But more importantly, did you tell him you would see him?”
"We’re going out tonight." Clare said quickly "Tell me I’m not crazy for giving him another chance, please?" Again Alli chuckled.
"Crazy, in love, what’s the difference really?" She asked and Clare sighed hoping she had made the right choice.

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Free Fallin&#8217; pt. 2
100th post :)

Free Fallin’ pt. 2

100th post :)

Free Fallin&#8217; pt. 2

Free Fallin’ pt. 2